Born 9th December 2014
They had nine puppies. Four handsome boys and five beautiful girls. With it being a December litter we decided to give their names a winter theme.


Picture taken by Lynn Kipps when puppies were six weeks old


Audeamus Kris Kringel – Samson


Samson at six weeks old
8th February 2015 first day at his new home

17th March – Samson fourteen weeks old at play in his garden


Audeamus Snow Queen – Elsa



Elsa at six weeks old


7th February 2015 – first day in her new home

10th February 2015 – ten weeks old
6th March 2015 – twelve weeks old



Elsa enjoying the garden Spring 2015



Elsa seven months old



Elsa’s first birthday!



Update of Elsa’s progress in the first six months of 2016

Elsa meets her new sister Willow – 7th July 2017

Elsa and Willow bonding during Willow’s first week – July 2017

August 2017 – Elsa and three month old Willow

November 2017 – Elsa and six month old Willow


December 2017 – Willow (L) and Elsa (R) their first Christmas together


Elsa having enjoying some quiet time Elsa (L) Willow (R) March 2018


Elsa (L) & Willow (R) – December 2018
Willow and Elsa out for a walk on Willow’s second birthday -9th May 2019
Willow and Elsa out for a walk on Elsa’s fifth birthday – 16th December 2019


Audeamus Once Upon A Dream – Poppy


Poppy at six weeks old


Poppy’s first week in her new home
Poppy’s graduation from Puppy Class at seventeen weeks
7th May 2015 – Poppy enjoying helping out in the garden
Poppy enjoys living by the seaside – Spring 2015
Poppy – Autumn 2015
Poppy with her new brother Jayden May 2016
Poppy two years old – Christmas 2016
Photographs of Poppy during 2018
Poppy five years old – 9th December 2019


Audeamus Moon Dust – Cooper


Cooper at six weeks old

Cooper at eight weeks old


Cooper – four years old


Audeamus Kasper – Riggs



Riggs at six weeks old



Riggs at ten weeks old


Riggs at the seaside – fifteen weeks old Easter 2015
Movie night!

May – five and half months old

July – seven months old

Riggs enjoying his summer holiday 2015
These clever Elves organised a puppy party for Rigg’s first birthday!
Best pals – Riggs and Finley 15th July 2016
Riggs five years old – 9th December 2019

Riggs – 12th June 2020

Audeamus Ice Queen – Abbey


Abbey at six weeks old


10th February 2015 – nine weeks old

Abbey and Aunty Skyla

Abbey twelve weeks old


Abbey fifteen and a half weeks, being woken from her sleep by Mom’s camera!
Abbey fifteen weeks old – Happy Easter from Abbey and her brothers 2015!
Abbey – six months old!
Abbey – nine months old!

Abbey’s first birthday!

Abbey and Skyla’s son Ringo – 5th April 2016

Left Abbey two years old – Skyla’s son right Ringo one year old


Audeamus Icicle – Ellie


Ellie at six weeks old


Ellie leaving for her new home at eight and a half weeks old
21st March Ellie fourteen and a half weeks come to visit Mummy.
14th July – Ellie 7months old!


Audeamus Frosty The Snowman – Barney


Barney at six weeks old

Barney at eight weeks old


Audeamus Ice Diamond – Willow



Willow at six weeks old


Willow nine weeks old
Willow with Mummy Whisper and Aunty Skyla
Abbey and Willow on their day out to the railway station 14th February 2015
Willow ten weeks old
Willow seven months old!

Willow’s first birthday!

Willow – August 2016