Crossview Dazzlendaze To Audeamus “Skyla”
Sh Ch Jobeka Just One Look At Telkaro JW “Jack’s” Litter
Born 25th October 2015
They had ten puppies. Six handsome boys and four beautiful girls. The theme we chose for this litter was Scotland, the birthplace of the Golden Retriever.



Audeamus Lady Of The Isles – Orlagh


Orlagh at eight weeks

Orlagh at play – six and half weeks old


Ringo and Orlagh’s last evening together – 6th January 2016


Orlagh 6th January 2016



Mother and daughter relaxing



Meet the family – 11th January 2016

I love to cuddle – 18th January 2016

Mother and daughter – Skyla on left, Orlagh one year old December 2016
Audeamus Queen Of The Isles – Sophie




Sophie at seven weeks



Sophie’s first day out into the World – 2nd January 2016


Sophie in her new home – January 2016

Sophie enjoying herself in the snow 17th January 2016

Sophie 16th March 2016

The good and the bad – Sophie Summer 2016




Audeamus Spirit Of The Isles – Maggie



Maggie at seven weeks


Maggie in her new home – 27th December 2015

Maggie relaxing at home – April 2016

Maggie nine months old – August 2016

Audeamus Isle of Dreams -Ava



Ava at seven weeks


Ava ready to leave for her new home
Ava in her new home – 26th December 2015



Ava’s first holiday in a Castle Hotel
12th February

Ava and her new sister Roxy relaxing after their fun day 13th February

Another fun day for Ava and Roxy – May 2016
Ava’s adventures during summer 2016
Ava with her new brother Blake Spring 2017

Ava relaxing

Ava with her brother – September 2017


Audeamus Black Bear – Wilbur



Wilbur at seven weeks


Wilbur in his new home



Wilbur off to see the birds in the park – 1st January 2016



Wilbur’s purrfect friends – 20th January 2016

Wilbur one year old – getting into the Christmas spirit


Audeamus Highland Laddie – Rasmus



Rasmus at seven weeks



Rasmus in his new home


Rasmus in his new home 12th January 2016

Rasmus 9th February 2016 – fifteen weeks old

Rasmus and Troy – 2nd April 2016

Rasmus – 16th August 2016

Rasmus – 23rd September 2016

Rasmus one year old – Christmas 2016



Audeamus Lord Of The Isles – Chester



Chester at seven weeks



Chester in his new home



Chester asleep with his big brother



Chester’s first Christmas – 2015


Chester’s first trip to the seaside at Hornsea – 14th February
Chester 25th March 2016 – five months old

Chester May 2016 – has now completed his KC puppy training!

Chester at seven months enjoying his holiday in Sherwood Forest

Chester enjoying his first birthday on the beach – 25th October 2016

Chester – Christmas 2016

Chester two years old – October 2017




Audeamus Distant Hills – Buddy




Buddy at seven weeks




Buddy in his new home


Buddy fourteen weeks old in his new garden – 31st January 2016

Buddy 20th March 2016 – nearly five months old

Buddy enjoy his Easter holiday – 07th April 2016

Buddy 7months old – June 2016

Buddy – October 2016

Buddy enjoying his first birthday – 25th October 2016

Buddy enjoying the snow – December 2017

Buddy October 2018 – three years old



Audeamus Minstrel Boy – Ringo


Ringo at seven weeks



Ringo on his first day out – 1st January 2016



Ringo’s last night with Mummy Skyla, Whisper and Orlagh 6th January

Ringo with his new sister – Whisper’s daughter Abbey, 11th January

Abbey and Ringo – 5th April 2016

Ringo – 23rd September enjoying a dip in the fountain

Left Whisper’s daughter Abbey two years old – right Ringo one year old




Audeamus Road To The Isles – Cookie



Cookie at seven weeks


Cookie making the journey to his new home in Scotland – 24th December
Cookie exploring his new World from the safety of a bag – at eight and half weeks old

Cookie now vaccinated, and able to enjoy his freedom in the snow 16th January 2016

Cookie enjoying a weekend trip to Glencoe – 23rd January 2016

Cookie at four months old – 28th February 2016

Cookie’s first birthday – 25th October 2016