Overwater Gentle Whisper To Audeamus
People will tell you that having one Golden Retriever is never enough.  In 2012 we decided it would be nice to have a playmate of her own size for Skyla.
Whisper joined our family in June 2012.  She has a very sweet nature and as her name suggests is extremely gentle.  Her main ambition in life is to be everyone’s friend.  Whisper is the family clown and has us laughing everyday at the things she does.
Date of birth: 19th April 2012

Health Tests

GR PRA1 (DNA): Clear 23rd October 2012

GR PRA2 (DNA): Clear 23rd October 2012

Hip Score: 8/5=13 4th June 2013

Elbow Score: 0 4th June 2013

Eye Examination: Unaffected 11th February 2018

Whisper October 2014
Whisper October 2014
Whisper’s first litter was born on 9th December 2014, sired by Wheatcroft Cabledeck Navigator JW “Wheat”.  She had four handsome boys and five beautiful girls. 

 Whisper’s arrival 2012 
Whisper four months old
Whisper 13th April 2014
Whisper 18th April 2014
Whisper 18th April 2014
 Whisper 17th May 2014
Whisper September 2014
Whisper and Holly September 2014
Whisper – Scarborough October 2014
Whisper relaxing November 2014
Whisper the comedian  – May 2015
Whisper Northumbria GRC  – July 2015

Holiday in Scotland – May 2016

Whisper (R) with daughter Willow (L) May 2019

Pedigree of “Overwater Gentle Whisper To Audeamus”



Shebelta Luke Skywalker JW

Hip: 3/3



Nunsbrook Curlew JW

Hips: 7/5


Sh Ch Marjamez MidnightCowboy at Westervane

 Hips 6/5


Linchael Persian Orchid
Sh Ch Gaineda Imperial Ice of Marjamez
Nunsbrook Tanager JW

Hips: 5/4

Ch Severy Bartholomew of Westley
Nunsbrook Just Jazz JW
Shebelta Silver Skye

Hips: 4/13


Sh Ch Golmas Governor JW Hips: 3/5 Marjamez Muy Guy at Rossgilde
Golmas Grace n Favour
Tilldawn Summer Storm of Shebelta

Hips: 7/7

Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm
Shanlimore Celebrity at Tilldawn


Overwater My Fair Lady

Hip: 3/3



Bramhills Brooke at Rostam

Hips: 3/3


Sh (95) & Ir Sh Ch Erinderry Diamond Edge of Glenavis

Hips: 6/5

Ch (90) Ir Ch Papeta Philosopher
Ir Sh Ch Erinderry Amber
Bramhills Chrysantha

Hips: 7/4

Gunhills Star Voyager to Bramhills
Bramhills Pasque Flower
Overwater Blonde Bimbo

Hips: 5/5


Marjamez Midas Touch

Hips: 4/5

Linchael Persian Orchid
Sh Ch Gaineda Imperial Ice of Marjamez
Overwater Sweet Blondelle

Hips: 5/8

Amatan Rostam Rambler
Westrock Foxy Lady of Overwater

If you wish to view Whisper’s five generation pedigree please go to: