Skyla and Wheat's litter
Born 16th December 2012
They had nine puppies.  Seven handsome boys and two beautiful girls.  With it being the year of the Olympics, we tried to take the boys names from the original Olympian Gods.

Nine Pieces of Heaven
 Photograph taken by Lynn Kipps when puppies were six weeks old

Audeamus Zeus - Denzel
Denzel at six weeks old

14th May 2013

15th September 2013

Denzel - "Me and my pal"
 Denzel 29th December 2014
Denzel's third birthday!
Denzel - four years old!
Denzel - Christmas 2016

Denzel five years old - December 2017

Denzel and his best friend Monty 2017

Audeamus Apollo - Riley
Riley at 6 weeks old
18th March 2013


28th March 2013 

Six months old 

16th December 2013 - Riley the birthday boy is one year old today 
Riley March 2014 - One Cool Dude!
Riley on the beach October 2014
 Riley photographs taken during 2015
Riley - four years old!
Riley - six years old December 2018

Audeamus Sirius - Flynn
Flynn at six weeks old 

 My first at my new home

Seven months old

Flynn ten months old
 16th December 2013 - Flynn's first birthday
Flynn's third birthday 2015!
Flynn Christmas 2016 - four years old

Audeamus Maximus - Max
Max at six weeks old

Eight weeks old

Seven months old
winning second place in waggiest tail

 1st December 2013 Max taking part in the Santa Dash across Runcorn Widnes Bridge with 700 volunteers raising 20,000 for Halton Haven Hospice
16th December 2014 - My second birthday
Max enjoying his morning walk - 8th April 2016
Max five years old - December 2017
Max - six years old December 2018

 Audeamus Thor - Henry
Henry at six weeks old
16th February 2013

30th March 2013

          16th June 2013
16th  December 2013 Henry's first birthday

February 2014 - Henry enjoying his holiday in Scotland
September 2015 - Henry enjoying his holiday in Cornwall 
  Henry's third birthday!
Henry sitting pretty - Autumn 2016
Henry enjoying his holiday in Scotland - April 2017
Henry five years old - December 2017
Henry enjoying himself in the snow - March 2018
Henry - six years old December 2018

Audeamus Jupiter - Max
Max at six weeks old
Max  enjoys many trips to the Lake District with his family
Max - May 2016
Max enjoying the sunshine
Max Christmas 2016
Max - six years old December 2018
Audeamus Mercury - Harvey
Harvey at six weeks old
Six and half weeks old 
16th December 2013 - Harvey's first birthday
Harvey five years old - December 2017
Harvey - six years old  December 2018

Audeamus Queen of Diamonds - Ella
Ella at six weeks old
8th July 2013

Six months old

1st October 2013


Picking up some tips from One Man and His Dog

16th December 2013 - My first birthday wearing my new collar and lead
16th February 2014 - Who's a pretty girl
Ella 29th June 2014 - The star of the family
Ella 22nd November 2014
16th December 2014  - Second birthday, with my new toy and birthday card from Mummy Skyla
Beautiful Ella - 9th January 2015
Ella on guard - Easter 2015
Ella enjoying the countryside 9th September 2015

Ella - Autumn 2015
Ella's third birthday!
Ella has been to the groomers - 4th January 2016
Ella on a walk in the snow above Scar House Reservoir 17th January 2016

Audeamus Olivia - Cara Olivia
Cara Olivia at six weeks old
22nd February 2013     

4th March 2013 with her new family
 Cara Olivia 5 months old
Cara Olivia - One year old
Cara Olivia - Two years old



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